Helping Cancer Patients in Need

Rhonda Stefanski

The cost of cancer can be insurmountable. It’s easy to picture the costs of diagnosis, the costs of treatment, and the costs of therapy. However, there is a hidden cost that is equally as vital to the patient's wellness. Rhonda's Kiss is a 501c(3) that cares for patients' non-medical needs. We assist in covering the costs of rent and utilities, wigs, oncology massage, parking, or other transportation costs, as well as, any other unexpected cost involved in the holistic care of the patient.

In 2014, Rhonda Stefanski, was diagnosed with Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer. While Rhonda lost her battle in November 2014, one of the gifts she left for us is Rhonda’s Kiss. Our organization realizes that most cancer patients are not as fortunate as Rhonda to obtain the necessary treatments, see the finest doctors, and be treated in the best facilities.

During the last two years, Rhonda’s Kiss committed nearly $1 million to cancer patients in need through our relationships with hospitals around the country. It is through your assistance that we are able to realize our dream to give all cancer patients the support that our wife and our mother received during the most difficult time in her life.

We appreciate the love and kindness we have received and with that care, we will continue to help those who need it the most during their cancer treatment.

From the bottom of our hearts,
Marc, Kyle, Brad and Kara, Alex, and Melissa Stefanski,
Ashley and Jamie Williams
The family of Rhonda Stefanski