Our Mission

“Supporting the Complete Journey”

Rhonda's Kiss believes in the whole care of a cancer patient. The cost of cancer can be insurmountable. It’s easy to picture the costs of diagnosis, the costs of treatment, and the costs of therapy. However, there is a hidden cost that is equally as vital to the patient's wellness. 


Non-Medical Support

Nutrition, exercise, and massage therapy are rarely covered by insurance. Paying out of pocket for these essential services can lead patients to make tough choices instead of doing what is best for their treatment and recovery.



The cost of hospital parking and/or cab rides adds up quickly. By financially assisting patients and their families, we can ensure they can get to where they need to be stress free.


Living Expenses

As patients go through cancer treatment, often they are unable to work for days at a time, impacting their ability to make rent, or mortgage payments, or keep the lights on, or heat on in the winter. Helping patients make ends meet by supporting vital needs like shelter, and warmth remove some of the burden as they go through the treatment process.


Rhonda's Kiss is a 501c(3) that uses stellar events to raise money for the patient's we support. In 2017 an amazing performance by Kool and the Gang in Palm Beach FL allowed us to commit $100,000 to the Cleveland Clinic Florida. Last Year, Johnny Depp and Grammy Award winning band Weezer headlined our event in Los Angeles with performances by Juliette Lewis, Dave Navarro, Chester Bennington (Linkin Park). This sold-out event committed $100,000 to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center ;in Los Angeles.


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